30 Days Wild: Day 25: Purple Hairstreak

Although I have just returned home drenched to the skin, I have just had one of the loveliest woodland walks I have had for quite some time. We started off walking down one of the rides with rainclouds hot on our heels. As the first specks of rain fell, we took cover off the main track down a deer trail. There sheltered from the rain, we had a picnic; we listened to the rain pattering on the leaves and the alarm call of a blackbird spooked by a buzzard which landed above our heads. At this point I had given up hope of any photos because of the grey clouds, breeze and rain. However, as we made our way through the woods, the bad weather cleared up and we found white admirals, silver-washed fritillaries and, the highlight of my day, Dave spotted a small butterfly down close to the path - it was a purple hairstreak (the closest I've ever been to one)!

purple hair_318

Purple Hairstreak

In high spirits, we decided to explore further and after stomping down stinging nettles, ducking under brambles and walking through dense leaf-litter - we ended up at a dead-end! However after retracing our steps and exploring further, we found a great corner with plenty of purple emperor flying in the canopy and landing on the path. Once again we set off and found ourselves walking down unfamiliar trails until we decided to head back to the car. And that is when the heavy drizzle began!


Silver-washed Fritillary

white admiral_317

White Admiral

purple emp_320

Purple Emperor


Burnet Moth

30 Days Wild: Day 24 Butterflies

Although it was overcast (so not so good fro photographs!), we popped over to Fermyn for a short stroll. Several purple Emperors flitted above our heads, refusing to land for very long. We were surprised about the number of ringlets we saw along the rides, and were incredibly happy to catch our first glimpse of a marbled white and silver-washed fritillary. We will be returning tomorrow with hopefully more time to spare and some sunshine!

purple emp_314

Purple Emperor




Small Tortoiseshell


Silver-washed Fritillary

30 Days Wild: Day 23 Feeding the Birds

Daily, we are putting food out for the birds. In the back garden, starlings and the occasional blue tit visit most often, whilst in the front garden we see more sparrows, goldfinch, pigeons and sometimes even a jackdaw; we even had a rook on our feeder!


30 Days Wild: Day 22 Cool Walk

Walking by the River Nene, after all the recent hot weather, was lovely this evening. We did not see too much, but spent a pleasant time sitting by the lake watching the pond skaters and listening to the sedge warblers.


We also saw our garden hedgehog on our camera last night :)


30 Days Wild: Day 21 Hedgehog!

I am so happy with my new 'toy' - a wildlife trail camera. We set it up last night in the back garden. I wasn't expecting to see anything apart from maybe a cat so I was over the moon to see this visitor to our garden. We'll be putting out dog food tonight!

Click here to see our garden visitor…