Short-eared Owls and Hen Harriers



Although the weather forecast looked a little grim, particularly for photography, we enjoyed an hours walk over Stanwick Lakes. As usual Dave walked the dogs whilst I looked for the bearded tit to no avail!

Mallard_95 Squirrel_96

Mallard and Grey Squirrel

At the feeders I watched squirrels nimbly leaping from branches, in order to grab peanuts from the bird table, and the usual suspects enjoying the feast laid out for them including female pheasant, blue tit, great tit, robin and chaffinch.

Short ear owl_85

Short-eared Owl

After a brief return home, we set off for RSPB Nene Washes. No sooner had we parked our car, we were treated with amazing views of several short-eared owls sitting on posts and flying over the fields in front of us. Magnificent! We also saw whooper swans flying by to roost (a beautiful sight), a water rail and a hen harrier! It was just such a shame that it was such a grey, grey day for taking photographs.

Short ear owl_84

Short-eared Owl

Unfortunately, Dave was so engrossed in watching these beautiful birds, that he tripped over a log and face planted in the long grass. He jumped up swiftly, only to be whacked in the face by my monopod as I turned to the side to see if he was ok! Apart from that, it was a great day!


Short-eared Owl


Short-eared Owl


Short-eared Owl


Whooper Swans


Far-Off Hen Harrier!