30 Days Wild: Day 1 Titchmarsh LNR for Cuckoos

Day 1

With cuckoos in mind, we entered Titchmarsh LNR and listened intently; we were soon rewarded by the familiar calls of at least two, echoing throughout the woodland. Before we set off any further, we noticed two mistle thrushes hopping about searching for food — not a bad spot!


Mistle Thrush

As we crept along the footpath, getting closer to the cuckoos' song, we spotted one sitting proudly in the open, atop a bare branch. Unfortunately it flew off far too quickly for a photograph! We spent a pleasant hour listening to and catching glimpses of at least three cuckoos from a hide overlooking reed-beds. They were very active and well hidden amongst the leaves. This is the best shot I could get:



We were also treated to good views of reed buntings taking mouthfuls of bugs to well hidden nests; fleeting views of great spotted woodpeckers; and the explosive call of a Cetti's warbler. As we sat on a bench overlooking two barn owl boxes, a kestrel, hobby and grey heron flew unhurriedly by - no barn owl though!

Reed Bunting_254

Reed Bunting