30 Days Wild: Day 2 Fermyn Woods In the Rain

Day 2


Lyveden New Bield

Even though the forecast was for rain showers, we drove over to Fermyn Woods determined to get out for a woodland walk. After 10 minutes or so sat in the car listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof, we decided to brave the elements and walk on regardless. It wasn't long before the rain cleared up and blue sky poked through the clouds. The sound of rain dripping from the leaves was quite relaxing although the humidity was quite uncomfortable. Soon we had good views of Lyveden New Bield and we were treated to the song of a yellowhammer and a reasonably tame chaffinch.


We walked on and stood for a while deep in the woods listening to the sounds all around us. A stoat-like animal dashed quickly across the path in front of us and a cuckoo began calling - its song echoing magnificently around the woodland.


Common Spotted Orchid

On our way back we took an overgrown path which led us out by the fields. There, with wet legs from the tall grass, we spotted a hare which quickly disappeared into the distance ~ a real treat to spot.