30 Days Wild: Day 18: Purple Emperor

We were up early - I was adamant I wanted to get the first photo of a Purple Emperor this year, and by 7:45 , we were already at the log pile, where we had spotted the lizard yesterday. With temperatures already rising, we scanned the rides, paths and tree canopy - to no avail! We did see: ringlets, skippers, small tortoiseshell, commas and red admiral.

Disappointed, we began our stroll back to the car, when, there on the path in front of us — sitting on a pile of poo — a PURPLE EMPEROR!

Purple Emp_305_01

Purple Emperor

Purple Emp_306 Purple Emp_305_02

Purple Emp_307_01

Purple Emperor Wing

We were so pleased! We also saw, what we think were the same deer, down the same ride. To cap it all off, we saw a white admiral on our return to the car.

Speckled Wood_308

Speckled Wood