WWT Welney

Ring necked_912_01
Ring-necked Duck and Pochard

A lovely few hours were spent at WWT Welney today. Although the weather was overcast and it was rather chilly, the sight of thousands of birds including whooper swan, pochard, black-tailed godwits and wigeon put a smile on everyone's faces!

Whooper Swan

Highlights included seeing a ring-necked duck (there are only about 10-15 sightings per year in the UK) and watching the sheer numbers of swans and godwits flying overhead.

Ring necked_915
Ring-necked Duck and Pochard

This ring-necked duck spent most of its time sleeping with its head underneath its wing!

Feeding Time

There are several feeding times during the day at Welney - well worth a visit.

Black-tailed Godwit


Ring necked_911