30 Days Wild: Day 10 Butterflies, Beetles and Wasps

It was great to see the black hairstreak today and meet lots of fabulous, butterfly-loving people from all over the country. Our highlight was witnessing a lovely gentleman seeing his first black hairstreak which completed his quest to photograph every British butterfly!

Black Hair_280_01

Black Hairstreak


Longhorn Beetle

Thanks to Richard Wright for his identification of this magnificent (and rather large) beetle that flew up to me… "It's the dark form of Stenocorus meridianus Variable Longhorn. The larvae develop in tree stumps and dead roots and that is where eggs would be laid, not on leaves. This one might possibly be feeding on honeydew."

Black Hair_282

Black Hairstreak

Essex Skipper_284

Essex Skipper



Black Hair_280

Black Hairstreak

spekled wood_283

Speckled Wood


Ichneumon wap_282

Ichneumon Wasp

When I first saw this amazing ichneumon wasp, I thought it was some strange-looking, thin, black bodied damselfly!