Beautiful Day For Butterflies at Fermyn Country Park

GreenHair_219Green Hairstreak

Sunshine at last… We hadn't visited Fermyn Country Park for such a long time; what a treat it turned out to be! We soon found a friendly group of photographers, who already had their eyes on dingy and grizzled skippers. A pleasant hour or so was then had, watching these butterflies flitting around. Although quite drab from a distance and very well camouflaged once landed, on closer inspection, they were really quite beautiful!

Grizzled skipper_221_03

Grizzled Skipper

Dingy skipper_223

Dingy Skipper

I was particularly excited when we were treated to marvellous views of a green hairstreak - my day was made!


Green Hairstreak


Green Hairstreak


Green Hairstreak